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Accumulation of Light to a Focal Point

Project  聚點.光啟

Year  2014

Location Taipei

The “welcome” is embraced in warmness with natural light flooding through the windows that brighten the panoramic view. One can directly discover the overlapping and misplaced vision along with the lights. Without hiding, let’s follow the lights to guide us to the sights.






Walking through the bar counter, there’s a virtual boundary to divide the area, a boundary that uses white mosaic bricks composed with a mixture of parquetry cement, and huge blocks are inlaid steadily on the kitchen floor. The lights guide the different level of the objects subtlely to complete the exposed pipelines with a “Loft” and a glimmering floor.



The daylight passes through the windows to light up the whole living room so that the tone of the decorations could be in contact with the outside, and this ambiance creates a most tranquil atmosphere within its openness. 


淨/ pure

The bedroom demands a simple and concise place that is furnished in white. The gradient colors of wood veneers play a role that conveys the stories of the space and imbue the environment with notes of memory. A transparent glass partition and metal beams are interwoven along the cement wall. The upper openness is accented with recessed light that connects with the bedroom. It’s peaceful and simple.



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