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Design Director /  Jensen Chiu

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Design Director / Jensen Chiu

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology  Architecture and Interior Design

Before the establishment of early preparations began in 2011, formally established in 2013 tAMINN Design covers residential design, office space design, commercial space design, exhibition space design, and more different design fields.

To Jensen, design is like a painting that variety of style has a rhythm, and it's waiting to be find out unknown details, trying all different variety of materials is one of the changes will be transformed that Jensen think design a very interesting to him, "beautiful things do not require talk, the work itself will tell you the story" a quote from Jensen, and he is willing to take challenges to make beautiful work can impress everyone, to explore the potential of the taste of each client and to make it fab. 

設計總監  / 邱銘展

國立雲林科技大學 建築與空間設計系

設計就像一幅畫會有著各種風情有著韻律在,近看卻又發現了許多不為人知的細節,試著嘗試著各種材質各種變化轉化後也會是工作樂趣之一,美的事物是不需要說話,作品本身就會告訴你他的故事想藉由這樣的美好來感動每個人,致力發掘每個客戶對於品味的潛力了解彼此的品味,在設計上更能透徹發揮。從2013至2017年陸續獲得台灣的TID室內設計,德國的iF Design Award,英國的 WIN Awards 及 WIN World Interioros News。

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