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Between the Virtual and Actual way

Project  虛實之間

Year  2014

Location  Taipei

The natural pureness of the creation means that staying in the studio allows one to feel the given-meaning of the space. The plate mold of the ceiling is at harmony with the natural parquetry as the light and the shadows follow each other. When the light leaks out of the metal fence, time flows with the shadow through days and nights.

It’s a point of origin where the dwellers can have dialogues with themselves peacefully.


挑高的天花板保留原始樓板水泥(plate mold)的結構,和地板的天然材質相呼應,就像光、影的伴隨,藉由格柵透微的光線發現時間的流逝...



03-MMFC4484 Panorama.jpg


Only if you have a stylish room, can you own the taste uniquely.

Using wooden material to express the modern-plain sense that merges the hidden door with the wall and completes the whole space, the diatomite combines with the wooden style bookcase to extend the material of the door, and find the hidden intention in the details everywhere.




To accommodate the individual tastes of every family member, we opened up the kitchen by removing barriers and other limitations. The dark and light colors of the wooden cupboards both contain ample storage space as required and alter the vision making the space brighter and enriching the visual display. The aroma could hardly be ignored when you step into this kind of space, and the best moment spreads everyone’s joy of dining.



The habits organize the life into an order, the sequences which unfold, combine, and turn virtual into actual that lead the sights to find the rhythm.

Entrance hall: the herringbone-wooden door as its line structure extends to the ceiling and cuts it into an inclined aspect at the top of the door, the color of dark wood and armchairs welcome dwellers home to settle down a bit from outside.

Dining room: to divide the privacy of dining, the skeleton case not only makes good use of the compartment work but also extends the visual variety. It takes “dining” as a part of a regular pattern which belongs to the unlimited area.






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