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Project  Boxing +

Year  2015

Location Taipei 

Located at an exclusive sector of Taipei, Taiwan, in the basement of a commercial building. Boxing+’s first impression is energetic and robust. The metal mesh entrance makes a big contrast to its worn-out neighboring buildings. When walking down the stairs, the blue and white lights serve as foils to the brand logo that welcomes the guests. The shoe lockers awaiting down the stairs are made by recycling timber, which provides a calm and warm feeling. The designer adopts a lot of eco-friendly materials to create a luxurious but also relaxed atmosphere to fuse with such masculine place.


IF 2016.jpg

During game nights, the spotted color lights focus on the ring provides a professional level experience for not only the audience but also the contestants. Monochromatic hues were used in the training area where people can stay focus on the training targets. Differ from the shoe locker area, the main lockers use grey doors and spotlights to give people the feeling of exclusiveness. The shower rooms make use of gray floral tiles and light gray marble countertops that add a lively sense of relief after vigorous exercise.

下班後,在大汗淋漓的夜晚裡,不管是拳擊的愛好者或是出場競賽的角逐者,都很享受在如同巨星般的擂台上華麗演出。訓練區所使用的自然材質、單純色塊、及低調燈光營造出舒服且使人沉靜安穩的空間,讓練拳者能專心做打拳訓練。置物櫃區的深灰色門片配上精細的白色門把,如此優雅的造型看似衝突,卻又完美的融入於整體空間之中。此外淋浴間的設計,灰白色系的花磚及灰色大理石檯面增添了活潑輕鬆感, 但仍保持著低調的精緻質感。

Contrarily to the conventional fitness centers in Taiwan with dim and neon lights combining with hip hop songs to create a nightclub-like social atmosphere, the designer adopts green materials such as environmental friendly plywood, metal mesh, black iron, and recycled timber to create a low key yet extravagant sense. Boxing+ is a comfortable and undisturbed space that suits both male and female from all age to learn and enjoy boxing training.


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