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Chloe Chen Shanghai Kerry Centre

Project  Chloe Chen  上海嘉里中心

Year  2014

Location Shanghai 

The designer illustrates a fashionable and chic yet luxurious concept by focusing the integration of marble parquet wall and flooring, cement flooring, antique floral tiles, rustic wood shelves, floral tin sheet wall covering, and antique sets of furniture and wooden tables. These individual materials foil the quality of womenswear in a unique way. 

Thanks to the robust growth of China’s luxury market, ChloeChen opens its first store at Kerry Center in the center of Shanghai’s shopping district in 2014. Kerry Center caters a high fashion and chic demographic with an advanced sense of all aspects of lifestyle. ChloeChen’s first impression is a vividly eye-catching yet fashionable atmosphere. The designer uses a mix of luxurious and rustic materials to create an optical atmosphere of a high-end shopping experience.

When first walking into the store, a big wide marble counter in the middle of the store comes to our eyes. The marble gives the quality, weight, and elegance to the space. The floor to ceiling high rustic wooden shelves behind the counter and the vertical black metal clothing bars along the walls make the store looks more spacious. For the floorings, the mixture of marble parquet, antique floral tiles, and cement are combined to play with the contrast of luxurious and rustic feel. The designer also uses tin sheets with floral pattern on the back wall as a background to add a feminine and luxurious touch. The fitting rooms at the back of the store are covered with floor to ceiling velvet grey drapes for privacy. At last, a touch of a few pieces of antique armchairs, carpet, wooden table, and chandeliers have recreated an extravagant environment with pleasant and warm shopping atmosphere.

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