Project  Rebrand 

Year  2017

Location Taipei  

Located at the most popular sector in Taipei Taiwan - Ximending, the experience begins with the archway shaped like the brand logo. The shop windows are lined with two models exhibiting the latest products from  Debrand to whet the customers’ appetite before heading inside. It is hard to ignore the sci-fi-inspired storefront walking down the street. Debrand is owned by a Taiwanese singer and pop culture icon, Kenji Wu. The target audiences are between 20s to30s who like to show off their characteristics through unique clothing. When guests come to Debrand, they are going to be immersed like no other store can.  

坐落在台北最熱鬧的地段- 西門町,這是一間難以讓人忽視的科幻風格服飾店。玻璃櫥窗裡排列著兩座3m高的機械感圓形休眠艙,強烈而炫目的視覺吸引著過路人的好奇。DEBRAND是由台灣歌手-吳克群所創造的流行文化指標品牌,吸引的是一群渴望透過獨特的服裝,以彰顯自己特點的20~30歲之間的年輕人。  


When entering the store, the lights mounted on the archway changes color with sci-fi voice welcoming the guests. The lamp tubes in front of the archway are arranged in λ-shape which mimics the inner part of Debrand’s logo; the lamp tubes and the archway as a whole recreate the brand’s logo. Looking to the left are two exhibits at the display window that look like Iron Man’s Hall of Armor.  The first floor is covered in black with lighting strips installed in a grid pattern in the ceiling creating an illusion of arriving at a base of a spaceship. From the moment the guests enter Debrand, they are transformed from ordinary people to superheroes.



Further along the trails, guests come across a backlit wall full of arsenals. The arsenal wall is stretched along to the second floor. As they see weaponry arrangements adorning the wall with brand products, it is hard to resist to pick up a product just like picking up a weapon to go aboard the spaceship. Still, the journey has just begun, our senses are only just beginning to understand the overload of color, visual spectacle, sounds and emotional encounters that they shall have to brace for.


On the second floor, customers will find themselves boarding a spaceship. Contrarily to the first floor that is covered in black, the “spaceship level” has a white theme with black lines inlay in the ceiling stretching to the wall then to the floor. Materials like stainless steel and translucent acrylic racks are used so the customers can be fully immersed in the sci-fi and futuristic concept. Customers can pick the clothes from the translucent acrylic racks that look like the products are floating. Moreover, the right wall is inlaid with Debrand’s signature pattern inspired by the oracle bone script creating a scene like Matrix digital rain. Turning to the left are two fitting rooms cover with Debrand’s logo. The designer uses smart glass technology for the fitting room doors that the glasses change from clear glass to obscure when lock creating a feeling of getting ready to transport into the mission fields. 


Art exhibitions related to sci-fi and superheroes are regularly held in the store. In the middle of the room are uneven white cubes sprouting from the ground that is used to display products and art pieces. The black lines in the wall also have hooks that can hang artworks. As a whole, the shopping experience at Debrand unquestionably is upgraded and unmatched. Everywhere the customers look, they will be fully immersed in their stories as they shop within this unique space.  If you haven’t been to Debrand, in many ways it’s like you’ve never been to Ximending.