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Go eat tapas dining bar

Project  Go eat tapas dining bar

Year  2015

Location  Hsinchu

To implanting magnificent and energetic Spanish atmosphere, the varieties of gorgeous Spanish tapas are set off a part of views. Food would stand out from the images while the images merge into space, and interact with each other powerfully. Let’s enjoy the fresh sunlight during the daytime, and chill with the lights and shadows in the night.




IF 2016.jpg

Go Eat Tapas Dining Bar giving the old apartment a new look and changing the original layout that sets the entrance at the left side, not only makes a complete space seeing through by the whole-viewed French window, but also enhances a smoother flow of dining and serving. Basing on the burgundy red of the bar with metals, woods, and plants create an elegant, comfortable and organic ambiance that emanates subtle European art.


Using brass to cut off the LOGO so that extends the vision by reflecting the view, and make the round shape such as lights and tables emanate tolerance of the space. The round mirror is set to be a bright moon that reflects and penetrate the space.

Sights lead space to space in a seamless way that divides the ground, open space by tiling ceramics. 

The bleached Spanish vibrant colors into the gray Mediterranean, and enjoy a leisurely afternoon through aftertaste of the sunlight.


The private room is divided by the fence, and pile up rich phases between virtual and actual lines by playing an important role of light that penetrates through the fence shine on the ground. While smelling the feast, drinking with joy, and tipsily swaying in the imagination, people seem to be placed in Spain.


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