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Kinfolk Café

Project  Kinfolk Café

Year  2015

Location Hsinchu

Kinfolk Café emanates unpretentious leisure by the northern European trait of white and bright. Lingering around this quiet corner and observing the beauty of this renewed building, all blossom like dawn. 

Kinfolk Café 以潔白、明亮的北歐風格展現樸實無華的悠閒自在,徜徉在這靜謐的角落,靜觀這融合於舊式公寓的底蘊,好似一道曙光-和煦綻放。

Keeping the mosaic as its original design, we still recognize the history of the building from the scars even it’s covered with white painting, and the vein lines of the wood board are set off the street corner.

Different views between inside and outside of Kinfolk Café are displayed through the French window. Rusty iron signboard shows the texture of coffee powder, and embeds a giant coffee bean which enhances the creation and handmade spirits.


The lower workstation presents the openness of the area intentionally. The mosaic tiles on the vertical wall are relative to the glazed ceramic tiles behind the lower counter, which increase the richness of the vision. Lights bring the mild color through the French window to light up the workstation, even the corner of the dining area could obtain aftertaste of the sunlight. 


Taking the views: frame a view into a window creates an imaginary vision, and make the conception of “boring a hole on the wall” practices in order to get the lights.

Conveying messages: sweeping through the vintage writing table gives a new value that activates the antique into a housing decor and useful cupboard.

Renewing ideas: every corner of the shop, decorates carefully with different colors, irregular shape of tables and the various paintings which offer to exhibit generally are unique existences in the space.




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