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Lighting up the Play

Project   光和嬉語

Year  2017

Location Taipei 

The harmony of lights and shadows capture the PLAY to saturate the space in a vivid conception. The common interest of two young couples, who own the house is photography, everywhere could be elements for composing pictures. Therefore, basing on the idea “life is photography, photography is PLAY” builds the most fun place for the couples that want to be home every day after hard-working.


Antique-like turquoise blue pops up in the mix Loft structure that reflects cavorted life rhythm; from the door of the shoe cabinet extends to the beam on the ceiling echoed bedroom doors to form a virtual line across the public sphere. The bearing design TV is arranged between the dining room and the living room so that the space is full of mobility that encircled entertaining times. However, there are different views discovered from different angles in the open space.


The sequence hexagonal bricks of the foyer display personality codes of the couple, and apply various material of floor to enhance the quality of mixture style from the dining room to the living room. The vein of Italian Green Marble expresses the extraordinary temperament to contrast with a rough concrete ceiling, and the rusty iron façade adequately displays interest of material variation. The door through the balcony is made up of several flexible windows that connect inside and outside with semi-open structure, so that the flowing air and lights interaction brings the quiet atmosphere peacefully.


The style of the living room takes plain cement as background, and colored ceramic tiles are mosaic on the floor. The conception of setting that the space is a studio follows the path switching characters from Motion to Stillness in daily life. Therefore, the bedroom is a relatively important place to fully relax from stress after a long day. To enhance the flexibility of independence dressing room, the perspective effect of the glass door extends the vocabulary of bright personalities, and the PLAY of two young couples is still rolling out of the frame in life rhythm. 


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