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Maturity Fun  

Project  成熟趣味

Year  2015

Location Hsinchu

Time makes us grow and mature, but we have to always keep our souls playful no matter how old we are. Maturity Fun has discovered the creations from the plain life, and reveal the qualities from the creations by designing and decorating.

Hello, Welcome HOME! 


Hello, Welcome HOME!


Go Eat Tapas Dining Bar giving the old apartment a new look and changing the original layout that sets the entrance at the left side, not only makes a complete space seeing through by the whole-viewed French window, but also enhances a smoother flow of dining and serving. Basing on the burgundy red of the bar with metals, woods, and plants create an elegant, comfortable and organic ambiance that emanates subtle European art.




The gorgeous brass panels and a light box represent the couple “Mike & Isa” infuse interests in the picture, and become the centerpiece that shows a witty and ingenious design of the space.



The most comfortable and relaxing area is the bedroom of a house. Reducing superfluous decorations and colors embrace the necessity of the space. The gray cement texture wall combines the metals that leave the upper space open in the change room behind the wall. The space endows its characteristic and reality that accomplishes a house that satisfies every aspect of a “home”.


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