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Tone Shabu-Shabu

Project  同.暖選鍋物

Year  2017

Location Hsinchu

Zen is esteemed as daily life behavior to symbolize a warm and bright image of light Japanese style. Flowing time of modernism and meticulous abstraction of poetry are alternated into a wonderful experience during a Meal. The streaming field constructs our imagination and therefore limitation does not exist in the space. Nevertheless, quietness, simplicity, and warmth are elements of the case into light Japanese style, carving the active imagery of Zen.


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The idea of Tone Shabu-Shabu restaurant started from the owner who loves Japanese hotpot and hoped that the coming guests would experience the quality of foods, the usage of chosen pots, and the atmosphere of designed space. Therefore, the conception of the owner and designer made the consensus to build a place that makes guests linger! When you walk into the restaurant, imagine the boiling hotpot, and feel that colours are fading with flowing aroma distinctly. Finally, discovering the main idea of Zen design is introverted but lively. 


The wooden grilles separate the reception and the seats of the bar area to complete dining space and increased the distance between tables for its own comfort and independence. The theme of the space with sequence Bald Cypressgrilles incarnates Japanese style of simplicity and organization. The texture of amber mirror lights up the corner, and extends eyesight through the mirror to the bar area that titanium grilles correspond with Bald cypress grilles are contrastingly elegant.


Especially hanging plants upon to the void ceiling sway gently under the lights that make the shadows dance with crowded aisle presenting introverted manner of light Japanese style. There are games of lights and shadows seemed never-ending. Pantry room and private room on the second floor are relatively independent. Applying Japanese conception of Round, the window of pantry room is cut into round shapes. However, the private room contains a Taiji image that presents on the glass screen incarnating harmony and symbiosis.


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