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Voda Swim

Project   Voda Swim 敦南

Year  2015

Location Taipei

Voda Swim is a US swimwear brand that brings bikini to a different level. Its patent-pending Envy Push Up line aims to create charming bikini breasts that help female to build confidence. The design concept is to use white color and abstract designs to emphasize on the colorful products. 


Beach is a place full of happiness, and ocean waves are magnificent but pleasant. We combine the concepts of beach and waves into our design. We want our customers to immerse in this atmosphere while shopping. The high ceiling is composed of undulant white wooden frames. The idea is to recreate ocean waves in an abstract way. Not only that, the white wooden frames extend to the white brick wall unevenly on both sides of the store.  It is inspired by the waves hitting the shore and then back into the ocean. The whole store uses white themed materials to highlight the products. Our goal is to create a joyful and satisfying shopping experience.

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